Comfort food (and why one should not multitask too much in the kitchen)

Early Saturday morning I arrived back in cold, snowy DC from beautiful, warm, sunny Tel Aviv. It was rough. Combine that with jet lag and sleeping little on the plane and my bag still being in Newark, and I wasn’t thrilled to be home (Apollo notwithstanding).

Phone 497

By Sunday morning I felt a little better. My bag had been delivered, I’d slept 14 hours. But I was still cold, and I wanted comfort food. So I turned to Smitten Kitchen’s beef stew with cognac and dijon.

I’m only linking to the recipe because except for my usual carelessness about measuring, I didn’t change anything. And it was delicious.

Israel 239

It was pretty frugal, too. $29.30 got me all of the ingredients except for the mustard and cognac, which I already had on hand. And it made seven servings of stew and three servings of kale salad (kale included in the grocery total) with warm bacon vinaigrette. The ingredients, prepped, also gave me (along with 6 eggs and some caramelized onion cheddar from my fridge) a bacon and mushroom frittata…which leads me to the lesson on multi-tasking. After I threw the frittata in the oven, while I was finishing up cooking dinner and making the salad and the noodles, etc., I called my friend Carolyn to catch up. While we chatted, I sat down and ate dinner, then finally went back into the kitchen. And remembered the frittata:

Israel 240


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